Pneumatics Products

SMC Corporation one of the largest manufacturers of Pneumatic products, we are associated with SMC and are the authorized dealer and distributor do SMC manufactured Pneumatic cylinders, Solenoid valves, Vacuum equipment’s, Air filter regulator , Liner actuators, Rotary actuators, Electrical actuators and Grippers to accommodate diverse applications of various industries.

Our Pneumatic products include –

Air Line Equipments : Flow Control equipment, Modular FRL Unit, Regulator, Electro pneumatic regulator, Booster regulator and Lubricator.

Valves: Solenoid valves (4/5 & 3 port), Air operated valves(2/3 port), Special purpose valves(2/3 port), Mechanical valves, ISO valves, General purpose valves (2/3 port), Direct operated and Serial transmission system.

Instrumentation : Pneumatic positioner(Electro, Pneumatic & Cylinder), Filter Regulator, Electro pneumatic transducer and Booster relay.

Industrial Filter : Bag filters, High precision filters for liquid, industrial filters, low maintenance filters and quick change filters.

Hydraulic Cylinder : Compact cylinder, small bore cylinder, round type cylinder, Tie rod type cylinder, ISO standard cylinder, JIS standard cylinder and Air Hydro booster.

Pressure Switches : Digital Flow switches, Mechanical flow switches, Mechanical pressure switches, Remote type and self-contained type.

Air preparation equipment : Air preparation filters, Refrigerated air dryer, Air tank, Differential pressure gauge and Auto drain valve.

Electric actuators: Slider type actuator, Guide rod type actuator, Card motor controller, Slide tables, Miniature actuator, Rotary actuator, Electric Gripper and motor less actuator.

Process Gas equipment : High pressure regulators, Diaphragm valve, Check valve, Flow switch and vacuum generator.

Air Cylinders : Lock cylinder, Stroke reading cylinder, Water resistant cylinder, Clamp cylinder, Compact air cylinder, Fine lock cylinder, Guide cylinder, Rod less cylinder, Stopper cylinder and Valve mounted cylinder.

Vacuum equipment : Vacuum flow, Vacuum pads, Air suction filters, Vacuum ejector, Vacuum regulator and vacuum saving valves.

SMC pneumatic products which meet the specific demands of various sectors such as Automotive, Pharma, Print, Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Snack, Beer and Photovoltaic Industries

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