Switches / Sensors

Digital Gap Checker

key Features

  1. Check at a glance to see if a workpiece is placed or not
  2. The clearance distance between the detection surface and the workpiece can be found intuitively
  3. Simple setting: Change the settings while checking the displayed value
  4. Energy saving: Air consumption reduced by 60%
  5. Improved drainage resistance: 10 times or more

High Precision Digital Pressure Switch: (Positive Pressure / Vacuum Pressure)

key Features

  1. 3-Screen, 3-Colour Display
  2. Applicable fluid: Air, Non-Corrosive gas, Non-Flammable gas, General fluids
  3. Pressure ranges: -0.1 to 2 MPa
  4. Repeatability: ±0.2 % F.S

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