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Pentagon Systems & Automation are the authorized dealer and distributors of Azbil Corporation (formerly Yamatake Corporation), who are the manufacturers of Industrial and factory automation products.

Our industrial automation products for factories and industrial plants include -

Pressure Gauges and transmitters

  • Differential pressure transmitter (GTX & Super Ace)
  • Pressure sensor & Vacuum gauges(PTG & SPG series)
  • Pneumatic differential pressure transmitter (PREX3000)
  • Field mounted indicating controller (KF & KG series)
  • Pneumatic Converters
  • Indicator and integrating meter


  • Electromagnetic flowmeters (Magnew series)
  • Differential pressure flowmeters (MVC, JTD, SDR series)
  • Mass flow meters and mass flow controllers
  • Vortex Flowmeters (AX, VRX, MVF series)
  • Admass Coriolis Mass flowmeter (RC111)

Control valves and actuators

  • Single seated valves
  • Cage valves, Double seated valves
  • Angle valves
  • Eccentric Rotary valves & Butterfly valves (VRF, VBL, VBM, VBH, VBS, AMT, HDT series)
  • Electric Valves
  • Smart valve positioners (700, 300, 200, SVX series)
  • Auxiliary equipment for control valves
  • Actuators or Positioners
  • Control motor, power controllers, Solid start relays (ECM, PU, PGM Series)

Switches and sensors:

  • Photoelectric switches or sensors
  • Proximity switches or sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors & UV sensors
  • Limit switches
  • Connector with cables

Azbil range of industrial automation products are used in various industries like Petrochemicals, Oil refining, Electricity & Gas, Iron & Steel, Waste Processing water & sewerage, Pulp & Paper, Ships & Marine, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Electrical & Electronics, Semiconductors, Furnace and Machine tools.

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