Combustion Products

Maxon, Kromschroder, Eclipse & Hauck – A Honeywell company.
We offer range of industrial burners and combustion equipment manufactured by Maxon, Kromschroder, Eclipse & Hauck that includes oil burners, gas burners, shut off valves, gas valves, flow control valves and low NOx burners. Pentagon Systems & Automation are one of the major dealer and distributor of industrial burners and combustion equipment of Maxon Honeywell.

We offer following Maxon Honeywell Industrial burner and combustion equipment products

Industrial burners :

  • Natural Gas Burners – Line burner, Low temp burner and High temp burner.
  • Oil Fired Burner – Oil air burner and Oil oxygen burner.

Gas Valves and Oil Vales :

  • Shut off Valves – Electro mechanical Gas and Oil valves, Electro Pneumatic Gas and Oil Valves.
  • Flow Control Valves – Mechanical flow control, Electronic flow control, Electronic Mass Flow control valves, Mixers and Mixing Tubes.
  • Oil Flow Valves – Oil Flow valves and Gas Flow valves.

Low NOX Burners : Line burners, Radiant line burners and Ultra low nox burners.

Industrial Flame Monitoring : Signal processors, Viewing Heads, All in one processor, Flame tools, Flame Rod, Ignition rod, Gas igniters, Fiber optics and Flare stack flame monitor.

Combustion Systems : Control panels, Complete combustion systems, Custom packaged burners, Ducts, Air heaters, Heater boxes, Fuel trains and Skids.

Accessories : Blowers, High Pressure blowers, Gas pilots and oil supply units.

Maxon offers products for industrial heating needs for ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, air heaters, boilers/burners, solution heaters and oxidizers/incinerators used in several industries such as Automotive, Petrochemical/Refining, Food processing, Textiles, Printing, Pulp & Paper, Plastic, Chemical, Building materials and Glass.

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